Get invited to Google+

UPDATE:  Google + now open for everyone! Enjoy the show…
Although Google+ is all in all quite easy to use, it’s actually quite difficult to get invited to the platform.
  • First of all you need somebody already in Google + to send you an invitation.
  • Then it is not enough that they “Find and invite” you to their circles. They have to share something, for example a message with you in order for you to get invited. So they need to type something to share in the box and add your mail address into the panel ‘Add people or circles’ before sending.
Of course they also need to delete all circles and participants before sharing, if they don’t want anybody else to see the invitation. To do this, they need to make sure to click the “x” in the button of the circle below the message.
Finally you will receive a notification about the message and will get the possibility to register in Google +. They can include as many people as they want in the message as well as add photos, videos, links or places.


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