Pay per click advertising:
Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising

Search engine marketing targets potential customers and at Optimanova Solutions we know how and when to reach them at the right moment. Search engine marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate clicks and potential customers, and we can help you achieve the goals of all your online campaigns.


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Search Engine Marketing

The most effective way to advertise and increase the online visibility of your brand

What we offer

Google Ads

Google holds the vast majority of the search engine market share worldwide.

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is the most effective tool to put your company in front of users.

At Optimanova Solutions we have a team of certified, highly-experienced professionals to help your business achieve optimal results.

PPC Audits

Monitoring your PPC campaigns (Pay-Per-Click) is essential, as there is always room for improvement. When interpreted correctly, this data can make a significant difference in determining marketing budgets and future acquisitions for your company.

At Optimanova Solutions we are obsessed with data and continually strive to improve our clients’ results.


We seek your trust, you can control your campaigns at all times.

We create professional reports and ROI Trackers, which keep you informed and updated on your online activity in real time.

We will provide easy to read, detailed information, so you will know exactly where your budget has been invested and what the results have been.

Shopping Ads

For retailers, Shopping Campaigns are a fantastic way to promote your products and increase your sales.

Providing more relevant data helps in making informed purchasing decisions.

By clicking on an ad, the user receives a complete overall view of the product generating a stronger purchase intention.

(Formerly Bing Ads)

Microsoft Advertising

Despite not being as big as Google, Bing accrues a significant 10% of the search queries made worldwide, which still provides a massive range of potential customers you would not want to miss.

Thanks to our experienced team, reaching users will be much easier using Microsoft Advertising.


What makes us different


Large Clients

10 years of experience managing large accounts with proven performance.

Google Premier Partner

Specialists in Search, Display, Mobile, Video, and Shopping Ads.



We have native professionals in more than 10 languages.

Microsoft Ads Partner

We are a certified agency in Microsoft Ads, previously known as Bing Ads.


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