Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) & User Experience (UX)

CRO is a process of testing and optimizing website elements (CTA placement, landing page design, messaging, etc) to drive higher conversion rates. We track data on user behavior and use it to make informed decisions that help create a positive user experience that leads to more conversions. .

At Optimanova, we are strongly driven by data when it comes to providing CRO and other services. We strive to uncover hidden customer behaviors and motivations within the data.

Every customer’s journey to conversion is unique, and with the help of data analysis, we can detect the missing steps and identify the issues that are causing them to not convert. This process allows us to quickly pinpoint the pain points and identify the obstacles that are preventing customers from converting.

Understanding the Entire Customer Experience

Understanding user behavior is an essential part of a successful CRO. Our expertise looks beyond the end goal and considers how customers interact with your website before, during and after their journey. By offering an omnichannel approach, we can ensure that the customer experience is tailored to their individual needs and goals, making them more likely to convert.

Our CRO services work best when combined with Web Audit, Data Analysis & Tracking, SEO, Content Marketing and more, allowing us to create a cohesive customer experience. Together, we can ensure that your conversions are maximized and your customers are satisfied.

The different steps in
our CRO Strategy

Our CRO process is comprehensive and tailored to you and your customer’s needs. Through a 3-step approach, we can identify and analyze the areas of your website that need improvement, to create a website experience that meets the needs of both you and your customers.

This ensures that your website is optimized to its fullest potential.

1. Data and Insights

  • To understand user behavior
  • Keyword research and semantics
  • To analyze competitors

2. Detect potential actions to be taken

  • Define a CRO strategy
  • Assistance in the implementation of suggested ideas

3. Testing & Reporting

  • A/B testing
  • Strategy evaluation
  • Ongoing improvement and optimization
  • Reporting
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