AMP and NYC Conference 2017


Accelerated Mobiles Pages (AMP) is a project developed and promoted by Google whose aim is to improve loading speed of and performance of mobile web pages, in order to provide a better user experience.

If you want to find out more about AMP in the official AMP Project page you can find all the steps to start implementing AMP on your website, specifications, reference guides, examples and videos.

NYC Conference 2017

To promote this project, the AMP Conference 2017 was held last 7-8 March in New York City, which was aimed at web developers and designers who have applied or are beginning to apply an AMP version on their websites.

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In this conference different topics have been treated by several specialists from Google and other big companies and it was available in streaming. If you haven’t been able to follow it live, you can also visualize it in the following youtube video:

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Miguel Hernández
Miguel Hernández

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