The Future of Facebook

Since Google announced the release of Google+ we all have noticed that Facebook has experimented many changes to compete with the new social network of Google. Due to all the latest Facebook announcements about all the new features, the partnership with companies like Ebay and Skype, I was wondering how much Facebook will grow in the next months and their plans for the future. Now using apps you have the chance to open your online store in Facebook like if it was a CMS, link your blog, youtube or flickr accounts, enjoy nice statistics to track all the information, and many more things.All those things took me to check their career section and noticed that they have opened a huge number of job offers, around 400. Facebook has around 2000 employees so it means they are planing to increase their workforce by 20%. Such amount of new openings make me wonder what the plans of Facebook are. Now Facebook is investing a lot to develop apps that allow companies open their site in Facebook with a lot of features, like if it was a normal site.
Many people are wondering if they should have their Facebook page like the main site. In my opinion it is important to have presence in Facebook but they can change completely the platform where your site is or cancel your account at any moment for a very number of reasons. So you do not really own your site.I cannot wait to know what will happen in the followings months with all that and the competition with google+.

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