Conversions Decimals in AdWords

You might have realized that conversion data: “Conversions”, “All conversions” and “Cross-device conversions” are all displayed with two decimals (while it used to be integers)

Conversion Decimals AdWords

Until now, conversion data was always attributed to a particular action (first click, last click…). No fractions were shown in the AdWords conversion columns.

Why decimals in conversion data?

AdWords is introducing the possibility for advertisers to choose fractional crediting.

They are about to allow advertisers to credit the first, last, or a combination of clicks which have contributed to a conversion. Through this, every conversion will be fragmented into decimals such as 0.25, 0.33 or 0.50. The total conversions data you will be able to evaluate will look like this (for each campaign level):

  • 0.33
  • 1.50
  • 0.99
  • 25.25

AdWords wants to make sure that decisions are made based on all relevant data. Often conversions are not coming from a single interactions with the ads. Multiple clicks are necessary to drive the conversion. With this enhanced visibility of conversion attribution, AdWords wants to enhance the accessibility of relevant data used in the decision making process.

Impact on Bidding Strategy

The conversion fractions will have an impact on single keyword performance. Some will lose / gain recognition in order calculate your “Enhanced CPC“.

Related: Include / exclude Conversions

In case you use “Target CPA” (formerly known as conversion optimizer), you want to make sure to set up the right attribution model for each conversion:

Make sure to exclude conversions from the target CPA calculation if necessary. You have the possibility to include (or exclude) “Conversions” by choosing Include in “Conversions” in the tab “Tools” => “Conversions”.

Include in Conversions AdWords

This is an effective way to exclude goals imported from Analytics or other conversions that are not relevant for your Target CPA. Other advantages:

  • Track all actions without diluting KPIs
  • Choose the conversion actions you want to include in the conversion column & report
  • Improve your ROAS considering only selected conversions for your auto-bidding strategy

For more detailed information also check AdWords “conversion tracking data”.

Lisa Eckstein
Lisa Eckstein