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We suppose many of you have been looking for a good keyword ranking tool and we would like to tell you about one we discovered last week and we have to say it was a big surprise. The name of this comprehensive seo software is Advanced Web Ranking. During a SEO campaign it is indispensable to evaluate the rankings of the keywords that have been defined for the project, with Advanced Web Ranking to create a new project is pretty easy. First we set the page for which we will analyze the rankings, after that we choose the search engines for which we will review the rankings and the keywords that we want to track during the project.One of the things we like most about this tool is that the results we get are very accurate, almost perfect. We checked a list of keywords manually on google and after that, we compared them with those results we obtained using different SEO keywords ranking tools and the results for Advanced Web Ranking were the best.Other good thing about Advanced Web Ranking is that you can set up many campaigns, which is really useful when you are managing many campaigns for different clients, allowing you to have the data of all your SEO projects really good structured with the option of generate and export very professional reports that allow our customers to get an overview of the development of the campaign.This tool have many interesting features like for example that it allows us to integrate analytics metrics from your Google Analytics accounts with Advanced Web Ranking, and you have the chance to measure traffic and conversions for the keywords you already have in your projects and combine them with the search engine rankings and link building information.


Other feature that we like very much about this tool is the Evolution in Time Chart with which you can follow for your different sites the evolution of the keywords you want to track in the  search engines you want. It is really useful to see the performance of all your SEO campaigns so you can make sure that the campaign is working. It allows you to save a lo of time (you do not need to do all the process of checking the ranking for your keywords every time) and you can export all this information in a report to show the result of the service you are providing to your clients in a really professional way.



If you want to try this powerful SEO tool you have the chance of getting a 30 days trial of the “The Advanced Web Ranking” to check by yourself the features. After that trial version you can choose four different plans depending your needs, but If you are managing many campaigns for different clients we would recommend at least the professional version to be able to create printable reports and send emails with the reports to your clients.

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