Hot news! We are now a Google Premier Partner

It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we are able to announce that we are the first company in the Canary Islands, and one of a select few throughout Spain, to receive the Google Premier Partner status. While everyone here at Optimanova is very excited about this, we understand that not everybody is familiar with the concept of the Google Partner Program. So here is a small introduction to give you a better picture of what this is all about.


What is the Google Partner Program?

Google Partners is a marketing program offered by Google for advertising agencies and digital marketing professionals who manage Google Ads accounts. A special Google Partner badge can then be earned by demonstrating advanced skills and expertise in Google Ads. It also acts as a seal of approval for continuous client revenue growth and a growing client base, while upholding and valuing Google’s best practices for advertising. To maintain the status of Google Partner, a set amount of ad spend requirement has to be met on a quarterly basis to show that your company has a healthy amount of activity. For some companies that exceed the requirements for a Partner badge, Google offers a special Premier Partner status which is tied to higher spending and additional certifications, while at the same time requiring even better performance.


What is the big fuss about being a Google Premier Partner?

Only the best and most valued companies are awarded the Google Premier Partner status. Being a Google Premier Partner doesn’t only mean to simply uphold Google’s standards and requirements. You have to go above and beyond in order to earn the badge and actually retain it, as Google will continuously monitor your performance.

Basically, by awarding the Premier Partner status, Google shows its highest trust in marketers that can help you succeed on the web with Google products.


So, is it only for prestige then?

No. Obtaining a Google Partner Status is much more than just a fancy badge that you can put on your website for others to admire. Not only do we feel incredibly honored by this, we also feel a huge amount of responsibility. The responsibility of maintaining our new status as Google Premier Partner through commitment and dedication, continuous great performance in all accounts, and a promise to our clients to offer the best service possible.

There are quite a few benefits that come with the badge as well. Being a Google Premier Partner also grants access to a whole range of Google’s beta features, which can be tested up to one year or more before being made available for the general public. This can give you a huge head start on the competition. Also, there are new and advanced trainings offered by Google exclusively for Premier Partners, as well as annual Partners meetings and exclusive Google events. Through our day-to-day contact with Google we have real experts at our disposal to help us monitor and check the performance of our accounts and keep them running to the best standards at all times. This also includes fast and advanced technical support and a contact person dedicated to assist us, should we ever encounter a problem with Google Ads.


How clients can also benefit from our Premier Partner Status

Due to the steep requirements connected to the Premier Partner badge, we constantly have to step up our game. This also means staying on top of our certifications and keeping up with the latest developments.

As Google Premier Partners, we have proven time and time again that we can deliver high-quality results and optimal support for our clients in a variety of areas, while also quickly adapting to and effectively applying new formats and solutions.

We are dedicated to using all the new tools and perks and extending them to our clients, so that they too can benefit from our new status and raise their PPC campaigns to new heights.

Do you want to know more about how to increase your revenue with the help of successful online campaigns? Our team here at Optimanova Solutions S.L. would be more than happy to provide you with all the information you need. Contact us now to see how we can help you improve your online presence.

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