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Google Posts

After waiting over a year, on the 22th of June Google My Business (GMB) launched a new functionality for all businesses that use GMB platform.

It’s called Google Posts and it’s a panel of information that goes alongside the Google My Business sidebar, which shows up in search results (Desktop and Mobile).

The posts can be created in the left sidebar on the GMB account:

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The new Post allows:

  • Photos
  • Text (100 – 300 Words)
  • Event:
    • Start Date
    • Start Time
    • End Date
    • End Time
  • Call to Action:
    • Learn More
    • Reserve
    • Sign Up
    • Buy
    • Get offer
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The post can be previewed before being published:

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Once the post has been published, It will show up in both Google search and maps results. Here are some examples of how Google Posts shows up in search:

[vc_single_image image=”7981″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center” image_hovers=”false”]

Google Posts expire seven days after posting them. On the sixth day a Post expiration notification will be sent by GMB.

These Posts are highly recommended to promote new products, offers, events, bookings, etc.

In Google Analytics all traffic coming from this Google My Business posts will show as organic traffic.

Why not giving it a try!

Miguel Hernández
Miguel Hernández