My 6 months as an intern at Optimanova went by so fast!

I discovered so many digital tools and it transformed my vision of marketing. I met not only colleagues but an awesome team, always enthusiastic and willing to share their culture and experiences all together. I enjoyed my time on this amazing island, surrounded by incredible black-sand beaches, mountains, a volcano, ocean and palm trees everywhere. It was such a unique and unforgettable experience, thank you so much!


During my time at Optimanova I not only learned a lot about online marketing, but I also developed my personal skills. From the first day, I got fully integrated into the team and had my own responsibilities. I was mainly working in link marketing and Google AdWords. Besides learning a lot at work I was also able to participate in Google’s AdWords Academy and got certified with the Google Ads Search and Google Ads Display Certification. It was great to put everything I learned in the academy directly into practice at work.

The small team of 14 people was like a family and besides working together, some of us also went to the gym together or met for dinner every once in a while. Talking about food… as an intern at Optimanova be prepared for a team full of food lovers, a cupboard full of snacks and the IFF (International Food Festival) where everyone brings homemade food to share for lunch. Yum!

Overall, living in Puerto de la Cruz and working at Optimanova for six months has been great and I am thankful for everything I have learned and experienced during my time on Tenerife.


During my studies I did an internship abroad at Optimanova Solutions and got the opportunity to deepen my skills in online marketing. The team consists of young and dynamic people who made me feel like a full member of the team from day one. This feeling was reinforced by the varied and responsible tasks I was assigned. The two biggest areas of work (among many others) were Google AdWords and link marketing. Previous knowledge is not necessary, you are very well introduced to new tasks and tools. You can work independently on your tasks and ask for guidance or feedback if needed at any time. I would recommend the internship at Optimanova Solutions, it is a great stepping stone into the SEM. I am very grateful for what I have learnt and for who I met during my experience on the Canary Islands!