During my studies I did an internship abroad at Optimanova Solutions and got the opportunity to deepen my skills in online marketing. The team consists of young and dynamic people who made me feel like a full member of the team from day one. This feeling was reinforced by the varied and responsible tasks I was assigned. The two biggest areas of work (among many others) were Google AdWords and link marketing. Previous knowledge is not necessary, you are very well introduced to new tasks and tools. You can work independently on your tasks and ask for guidance or feedback if needed at any time. I would recommend the internship at Optimanova Solutions, it is a great stepping stone into the SEM. I am very grateful for what I have learnt and for who I met during my experience on the Canary Islands!


Having studied International Business Management, I had no prior knowledge of Online Marketing. That’s why I am all the more grateful for getting a deep insight into the world of SEO and SEA. It encouraged me to explore job opportunities in this future-oriented business.
From the start of my internship, I was involved in different very interesting projects in several languages. The experience at Optimanova allowed me to develop my skills, to work independently and exchange ideas about digital marketing trends.
I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with such an international, experienced and lovely team.


The digitising of our world brings a lot of challenges and opportunities. Especially the world of marketing changed a lot in the last decade. Flyers and banners are disappearing whereas online-marketing strategies are getting more and more relevant. No wonder! Digitalisation helps to advertise in a more targeted and customized way.
Within this internship at Optimanova with the help of a fantastic team in a great work environment and a lot of excellent office snacks, I got a deep insight into those digital marketing strategies.
Why is a good backlink profile significant? How do I increase my Google rankings and how do I write and publish high-quality content?
Soon you will know it as well!