I learned a lot during my internship at Optimanova and really enjoyed it.

Everyone at the company is really welcoming and nice which makes it easy to adapt to the new environment. I had the chance to work on a variety of projects for different clients and got familiar with many important digital marketing tools such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Data Studio, WordPress, Ahrefs, …

If you are interested in the field of digital marketing, I can recommend this internship.

Katharina Spiecker

Working at Optimanova Solutions was a huge learning experience. I had little knowledge about Digital Marketing and within my 6 months here, I feel not only incredibly knowledgeable but also confident to pursue a career in this work field. The Optimanova team consists of people who are friendly, sociable and will welcome you from day one. 

During the internship, I was taught how to work with Google AdWords, about Link Marketing and Social Media Optimisation, just to name a few areas. With everything that I’ve learned, I am excited to continue developing in these areas! 

In a nutshell, not only will you be able to enjoy the beautiful island of Tenerife, but also learn what Digital Marketing is and can effectively accomplish in a smart and realistic way. And there are addition perks in the forms of free cups of coffee and tasty snacks!


What a sunny and enriching internship!  I arrived at Optimanova without any knowledge about digital marketing (PPC, SEO…) but the team took the time to well introduce me to all the notions, software (Google Ads and Google Analytics) through training sessions and practice. Little by little I have gained skills that will be precious for my future professional life and was given some important responsibilities. What I liked in this internship is that I have done different things like writing ads, setting up campaigns, analyzing data, preparing reports…

I not only learned a lot of things but also met an amazing team and shared some memorable moments. I was quickly considered as a team member of Optimanova after my arrival. 

To sum up, this internship is the perfect balance between learning, taking responsibilities, laughing and enjoying beaches, nature and all the landscapes that Tenerife can offer.