April 19, 2014

Free Guides, Tutorials & Tools to learn SEO

A few months ago a Spanish colleague here in Tenerife was asking me about how he could learn SEO and I decided to create a compilation of the resources I like to read. Then, I thought It could be interesting for other people looking for the same information, so finally I decided to create this post  with a compilation of the main resources you need to learn about SEO.

The list is mainly categorized by Tutorials, Tools & News to be in the loop. I know that there are many sites that I didn’t mention, so if you know any other that you think should be in the list do not hesitate to share it with the rest of us :).
I hope this post will help you to improve your knowledge about SEO!


1. Tutorials & Resources


2. Tools


3. Blogs to Read


4. People to Follow

As we promised, the Advanced Link Manager review

As we mentioned last month, after trying the SEO tool Advanced Web Ranking, which was a pleasant surprise, we wanted to try a tool for link building created by Caphyon, the Advanced Link Manager(ALM).
As happened with the Advanced Web Ranking you will need some time to get used to manage this tool, but once you do that you will be able to enjoy a powerful link manager tool.
Since the links to your site are one of the most important factors that will affect the presence of your  business on the Internet, it is very important to have a good tool to track your link campaigns. The ALM has many nice features and it is very useful for monitoring your link campaigns. We will try to explain which of them we like the most.With the ALM we don´t just have the opportunity to track how our links are evolving over time but our competitors’ too. This tool is essential to analyze where and why they rank for a particular query, and with just a little time you will be able to know what to do to surpass your competitors ranking. ALM allow us to see all this data in a graph, and edit it with all the information we want to check. For example compare our site against a competitor or just check the paid links.Everybody who does link building for themselves or for other companies will find ALM really useful. It allows you to generate highly customizable reportsin PDF, HTML, XML and CSV formats to show to your customers how the link building campaigns are evolving.Other feature we really like about ALM is that we can check easily the anchor text that we have for each one of our links, helping us to know on which keywords we should be focusing in the future.Because tracking the reciprocal links can be a very time consuming task, you will find helpful the fact that with the ALM you will have reports of the status of your paid links. It will let you know for example if any of your links have been removed or is nofollow, without the need of you losing your time every time you want to check this information.
Other thing that will help you to improve your link building campaigns is the feature find link partners, that will allow you to find potential link partners related to your industry based on your keywords list and your competitors. After that, ALM gives you information about those sites like the Page Rank, Domain Age or the Alexa raking.
One more thing, ALM will allow you to save a lot of time because you will be able to program a schedule update and at the end of the update, Advanced Link Manager will generate a report you. The combination of this tool and Avanced Web Ranking can help us a lot not just to improve our presence on Internet but also to save a lot of time.

Hangout with the Search Quality Alliance Team

The team of the Search Quality Alliance, a group of former Google members who offer Search Engine Consulting, will be talking about SEO and will answer your question today, Friday 16 of December  from 13:00 to 14.00 in a  hangout, do not miss the chance to ask all your questions about the SEO world!!